The project grew quickly and many professionals joined the team. All are convinced that the web3 community can have incredible impacts on ecology and all of them will do whatever it takes to complete

Founder 👑

Pierre M

Former startup co-founder and freelance creative developer.

"I will use my various past experiences to craft an incredible web experience around those NFTs while leading the business side of this collection that will certainly have game-changing implications in the NFT space and a great impact on environmental issues."

Skills: Art Direction, Front-end and Business.

Advisors 🖼️


Quantitative researcher in a digital asset fund.

"I will used my knowledge of cryptocurrency and NFT to make the collection more attractive and do quantitative analysis in order to place Saplings NFT among the best."

Skills: Data Science, Financial analysis, Macroeconomics and digital assets knowledge

Designers 🦖


3D Generalist.

"Using my knowledge and experience in more than just fashion or video games, I want to be able to help save the planet from literally *dying*. We all have many years to live, and I bet that burning under 75 degrees is not funny at all!"

Skills: Concept sketching, Modelling, RigSkin, Animation and Game Design.


3D Character Designer.

"I wanted to challenge myself by getting out of my comfort zone and making NFTs, which is what convinced me. What make this project special is that part of the profits that will go to NGOs for the protection of the planet, which is a great initiative!"

Skills: 3D character modeling, 3D Generalist, Texturing.


3D Designer.

"I like to create colorful props and environments in a variety of 3D contexts. Working with the Saplings' Team is for me a way to show the gratitude that our lovely planet really deserves."

Skills: Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing, 2D Concept Art.


Concept Artist.

"I like to create new universes and to use my drawing skills to make the world a little bit better. I joined Sapling for that reason, I would be grateful if concept art could raise awareness about deforestation."

Skills: Concept art 2D, Background, Character design.

Developers 🤖


Solidity Developer.

"With passion and expertise, I will build the underlying infrastructure for your Saplings to grow healthy. That includes Smart Contracts, Back-End and Server architecture."

Skills: Software Architecture, Solidity, UNIX, Node.JS

Social Media Manager 💬


Social Media Manager.

"Definitively proud to be a part of the Saplings family and #NFTForGood movement, I will put my experience in Digital Marketing in action for a better good and grow our visibility and earthling community on all social platforms. We can save our planet together, so let's all do something from now on."

Skills: Social Media, Growth, Marketing.

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