🦋Mint: Frequently Asked Questions.

Saplings is a FREE Mint, meaning you don't have to pay to obtain one of our NFTs, but you can still donate to support both the projects and major NGOs.

If you want to know more about our NGOs Partners: NGOs & Partners

What's the primary Goal?

The primary goal of Saplings is to empower the NFT Community in order to spread awareness on climate change. By donating even $1, you're already helping the planet and our mission!

What are the mint requirements?

There is no special requirements for this mint, you just need to join our Discord.

What I will be supporting?

You'll directly supporting Major NGOs fighting climate change 👉 NGOs & Partners

Do I get something by donating?

Yes! 🤩 You'll unlock a unique background for your Saplings, 2 mystery loot boxes and a special access to all upcoming features.

How do you use the donations?

If you want to know more about the funds distribution 👉 Funds Distribution

Can I keep track of the donations?

The donations will be tracked on the mint page.

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